How to set different breadcrumbs as default breadcrumb?

When you run the command gulp, you will get the view in default breadcrumb style set earlier. If you would like other breadcrumbs, each time you need to run the command like gulp nunjucks --breadcrumb name

To simplify the above work replace a part of the code of breadcrumb.html (available in path src/templates/macros/breadcrumb.html) as follows.

Existing code in breadcrumb.html

{% macro page_bc(bc) %}

{% if bc=="default" %}
    {% include "partials/bc-default.html" %}

{% elif bc=="0" %}

{% elif bc=="2" %}
    {% include "partials/bc2.html" %}

    <!-- Our code -->

{% else %}
    {% include "partials/bc-default.html" %}

{% endif %}
{% endmacro %}

{{ page_bc(bc) }}

Replacing code:

In the above code replace the code

{% else %}
    {% include "partials/bc-default.html" %}


{% else %}
    {% include "partials/bc1.html" %}

When the above code is replaced, it is not necessary to run like gulp nunjucks --breadcrumb name each time. Just simply run gulp.

That is all what you have to do

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