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From Full package if you would like to use any plugin, then you can make use of Starter Kit

Let us assume to use a particular plugin like google maps, then you should add plugin name and version in package.json file. For instance,

Copy this code from full package"vue2-google-maps:0.7.9"paste it in package.json file of starter kit .

Run the below command to get the dependencies from package.json

yarn install

Import as VueGoogleMaps from full package into Starter kit

Then you need to follow below steps.


The routes for the Template are declared in the fileroutes.js. this file is called in themain.jsfile, in the vue instance declaration.

path: '/vuegooglemaps',component: resolve =
 require(['./components/vuegooglemaps.vue'], resolve)


component: resolve =
 require(['./components/...../vuegooglemaps.vue'], resolve)

Note :

Path should be according to your file placement like above

Folder_name is your folder name

         meta: {
        title: "Gmpas",  

Note: We already have an example in src /route.js file and there is a one index file in components


Here you need to set file name and path

    name: 'Google maps', 
     appearing name in left menu 

    link: '/vuegooglemaps', 
        file name 

    icon: 'fa fa-maps', 
  If you want to add icon then you can add here.

Now, you can see google maps plugin. In the same way you can make any changes as required

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