Laravel Installation

The zip file contains Vuejs-Admin files integrated with Laravel, however you need to perform following steps to get vendors etc.

Get Composer packages

composer install

Create .env file

cp .env.example .env


chmod -R 775 storage

chmod 775 bootstrap/cache

If you are on linux/ mac you can run below command to chown it.

chown -R www-data /var/www

compile assets

Make sure you have nodejs installed in your system with minimum version6.10.0,

you can check installed version by runningnode -vcommand in terminal.

If you are having older version, please install latest version from

For laravel 5.4 , the minimum version of php required is5.6.4and

the following php extensions are rquired

  • PHP >= 5.6.4
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension

from 5.4 onwards, Laravel team decided to move to webpack from gulp

so assets compilation differs a bit.

They introduced a new npm package for webpack calledmix

you can read more about it here

After completing these steps, You can follow the steps in Vue Installation to complete the installation.

The main difference between laravel version and vuejs version is that the src directory is located in the resources directory in the laravel version.

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