Changing Layouts:

Changing the Layout to your desired one involves changing some names and commenting or commenting out some code in the file named with layout.vue

1)Boxed Layout:

To get the boxed layout comment out the following line:

<style lang="scss" src="./components/layouts/css/boxed.scss"></style>

2) Fixed Menu:

To get the Fixed Menu comment out the following line:

<style lang="scss" src="./components/layouts/css/fixed-menu.scss"></style>

3) compact-menu:

To get the Compact-Menu change the following line in layout.vue:

import left_side from "./components/layouts/left-side/compact-menu/left-side.vue";

and set the left menu width in fixed-menu.scss to 100px

4) centered-logo:

To get the centered-logo comment out the following line:

<style lang="scss" src="./components/layouts/css/centered-logo.scss"></style>

5) Fixed Header:

To get the fixed header import the vueadmin_header from fixed-header.vue like this:

import vueadmin_header from "./components/layouts/header/fixed-header.vue"

Note:There are three header vue files available:

  • header.vue
  • fixed-header.vue
  • no-header.vue

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