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Open the blank.vue file in /src/components folder.

It has the following structure:

import Vue from "vue";

export default {
    // ===Component name
    name: "blank",
    // ===Props passed to component
    props: {},
    // ===Components used by this component
    components: {},
    // ===Code to be executed when Component is mounted
    mounted() {},
    // ===Computed properties for the component
    computed: {},
    // ===Component data
    data() {
        return {

    // ===Component methods
    methods: {

<!-- styles -->
<!-- adding scoped attribute will apply the css to this component only -->
<style scoped></style>

Place your html content inside the div in template.

Note: Each template must only have one root element and one script tag.

Then add your code in the script tag.

Then give the appropriate route in routes.js file If you needed add the component to the router.


To add a route to left side menu you will have to edit the menu.js file.

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