Fixed Header

The design for the blank page in Fixed Header Layout by run the command gulp nunjucks --layout fixed-header --breadcrumb * --color * through builder is shown below:

And you can change breadcrumb and color for header in this layout by run the command gulp nunjucks --layout default --beadcrumb * --color *

Where --beadcrumb *is

--breadcrumb (default,0,1,2,3,4,5)

Where --color *is

--color (default,primary,success,danger,mint,purple)

It has the following Structure:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <title>{{title}} | Rare admin</title>
    <!--Start common styles-->
    {% include "partials/head.html" %}
    <!--End common styles-->
    <!--Start page level styles-->
    {% block header_styles %}{% endblock %}
    <!--End page level styles-->
<body class="fixed_header">
<!--Start heaader-->
{% include "partials/header.html" %}
<!--End header-->
<!--Start  wrapper-->
<div class="wrapper">
    <!--Start left menu-->
    {% include "partials/leftmenu.html" %}
    <!--End left menu-->
    <div class="right-aside view-port-height">
        <!--Start breadcrumb-->
        {% include "macros/breadcrumb.html" %}
        <!--End breadcrumb-->
        <!--Start block content-->
        {% block content %}{% endblock %}
        <!--End block content-->
<!--End wrapper-->
<!--Start footer-->
{% include "partials/footer.html" %}
<!--End footer-->
<!--Start common scripts-->
{% include "partials/end.html" %}
<!--End common scripts-->
<!--Start page level scripts-->
{% block footer_scripts %}{% endblock %}
<!--End page level scripts-->

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