User Interface:

This section covers in detail about the different sections available for User.

You need to follow the step by step process.

Step1 (Settings):

You can find Settings page in the Left Menu. Before proceeding with other pages first you need to fill all the mandatory fields in this page.

Step2 (Staff):

You can find Staff page in the Left Menu. In this page you can invite a staff member for your organisation.

Note: You can invite the staff members based on the plan you choose.


  • If your plan has a 10 member access, then it will allow you to invite 10 members including the User(YOU) (9 staff and 1user).
  • If your plan has a 0 (zero) member access, then you can invite unlimited members to your organisation.

Step3 (Leads):

You can manage possible leads for your business.

Step4 (Products):

Here you can create the products but before creating the product you need to create the Category.

Step5 (Sales Teams):

Can create the Teams and assign/manage the team members to the particular team


Before creating the customer you need to create a company.

Company: You can create/edit the company details.

Customer (contact persons): While creating the customer we need to assign him a company so that customer will belongs to the particular company.

Step7 (Opportunities):

Here we can create Calls and Meetings along with the Opportunities.

  • If you choose the opportunity as Won then it converts to Quotations (You can see it in Converted list).
  • If you choose opportunity as lost then you need to give a reason (You can see it in Archived list)
  • If you delete the opportunity then you can find it in Deleted List.

Step8 (Quotations):

Here we can add the products to the quotation by clicking on add product or else you can choose a Quotation Temaplate

Quotation template: This consists of multiple products. You can add or remove the products as well.

Draft Quotation: This consist of all the Converted Opportunities and Quotations with Draft status

Sent Quotation: If you choose the sent Quotation, then the quotation will be visible in the customer Section, If the customer accepts the Quote then you can convert it to Sales Order/Invoice.

Step9 (Sales Order):

We can manage the sales order by creating and editing. It mainly consists of Converted Quotations which can be seen in Draft Sales Order.

You can also convert the Sales Order to Invoice for final billing.

Step 10(Invoice):

Here we can see the Status for Open Invoice, Paid Invoice and Over Due Invoice.

Step11 (Payments):

It consists of two type

  • Customer can pay the invoice directly using Stripe by clicking the show invoice option.

  • Can also pay by User, Which can be done in Payment logs.

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