Subscriptions allow you to charge an Organization on a recurring basis.

So the organization will be charged at the end of the specified period for the plan they choose.

You can create subscriptions by using Stripe and Paypal

You can change the subscription plan for any organisation, or cancel the subscription entirely.

Subscriptions by Stripe:

Once you cancelled the subscription, it is not terminated immediately. The subscription ends after the current period that the user have already paid for.

Subscriptions by Paypal:

Paypal allows you create subscriptions. You can Cancel, Suspend, Reactivate and Update the subscriptions. Once you cancel the subscription, it is terminated immediately and you need to create the new Subscription.

You can manage subscriptions by using paypal. To know more about manage subscriptions in paypal refer the bellow link.

Admin has permission to Suspend, Reactivate and Cancel Subscriptions.

Organisation has permission to Create, Change, Suspend, Reactivate and Cancel Subscriptions.

If the organisation is suspended then he cannot access all the pages until the plan is reactivated or changing to another plan.

To know the working of recurring payments of paypal refer the bellow link.

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