PayPal is the faster, safer way to make an online payment, receive money. By using this feature customers can pay the invoices.

We have integrated paypal by using laravel-paypal ( For this you need to follow the below steps

For Sandbox Credentials:

  • To create sandbox paypal account ( please follow the steps which were provided in the link.

  • After finishing the above step, you can see the accounts/emails which you have created (Business and buyers). Click on the Business account which displays Profile & Notifications.

  • Click on the Profile,you can see a modal with different tabs.

  • Choose the API Credentials Tab

  • Here you can get the API Credentials. Use those credentials in the LCRM Settings Page


Don't get confuse between PAYPAL_SANDBOX_API_SECRET and Signature. Both are same.

Handling Paypal IPN:

You can also handle Instant Payment Notifications from PayPal. Suppose you have set IPN URL to in PayPal.

Setting up IPN Notifications on paypal:

To setup the ipn notifications refer the paypal documentation

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