Multi Language:

We have added multi language feature by using gTranslator. Refer this ( You can choose/change the language from settings of ADMIN section as well as USER section.You can choose different language for ADMIN and USER.

Note: If you choose any language in user section then same language will be applicable for CUSTOMER and STAFF also.

Translate the Language:

If you want to add new language run "php artisan translate" in terminal then you can see

From which language ? [en]: en (type "en" then hit enter)

(mention the language code from which language you want to change )

After that you can see

To which language ? [en]:es

(mention the language code to which language you want to convert)

Add new language in settings:

If you want to get the new language in settings(language) you need to save the new language in "options" table. Create the new seeder like "database/seeds/LanguageSeeder.php" with your new language. Then run "php artisan db:seed --class=SeederName" then you can get the languages into setting whatever you want.

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