Installing the lcrmsaas can be done in two ways. They are

  1. Web Installation
  2. Manual Installation

1.Web Installation:

To begin Installation copy the files to your server.

  • Open the URL in the browser.
  • Then fill the mandatory fields during the installation (check all the tabs)


2. Manual Installation :

If you prefer to install and configure the product manually, you can follow the below steps.

  • Edit the .env file to fill the appropriate details like app url, database details.
  • Remove the VerifyInstallationmiddleware from app/Http/Kernel.phpfile.
  • Remove the require 'install.php'; line from routes/web.phpfile.
  • Edit the SettingsSeeder.php and ManualInstall.phpin the database/seeds/ directory and fill appropriate details.
  • Give the necessary permissions for the storage and bootstrap/cachedirectories.

  • chmod -R 775 storage
    chmod -R 775 bootstrap/cache
    chmod -R 775 public
    chmod -R 775 .env

    If you are on linux/ mac you can run below command to chown it.

    chown -R www-data /var/www
  • Run the following commands:

  • php artisan key:generate

  • php artisan migrate --seed

  • php artisan db:seed --class=ManualInstall

compile assets

If you don't have good knowledge on nodejs and npm, you can copy public folder files from codecanyon's downloaded files

Make sure you have nodejs installed in your system with minimum version6.14.1,

you can check installed version by runningnode -vcommand in terminal.

install local packages


move assets to public

npm run dev

Then open the site and check if everything is working by logging in using the details provided.


  • If you are familiar with Laravel consider setting a queue driver and run a queue:work process in order to make time taking tasks like sending a mail run separately and make the request faster.

  • Make sure that you should use Virtual Host instead of Localhost because we are using vat calculator Which supports only virtual host.

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