This application consists of many features like SUPPORT, EMAIL and Tasks.


Here User can interact with the admin and able to raise the tickets/issues .

Mark as Solved:

If the issue is fixed by the admin then you(user) can mark it as SOLVED.

2. Emails:

By using this we can communicate with the other staff and customers with in the organisation.

We can also use the Email Templates (Already created content)

3. Task:

Here we can assign the tasks to your organisation members.

4. Pusher Notifications:

We are Integrated the laravel notifications by using Pusher push notifications( https://pusher.com/docs/push_notifications ).

Here we used JavaScript and PHP script for sending notifications.

We are used pusher when Cancel Subscription, Resume Subscription, Change and Extend Subscriptions by admin. You can find the Desktop notifications(Alert) in User account(Organization).

In our App you can find the Code for pusher from bellow files.

JavaScript resources/views/layouts/pusherjs.blade.php

PHP app/Listeners/Subscription/CancelSubscriptionListener.php

5. Laravel Backup

We used "laravel filesystem" to backup the files and Database. We can save the files into Local and Dropbox. Mention the file names in config/backup.php which you want Back Up. You can include and exclude the files here.

Run the below command for Back Up.

php artisan backup:run

For clean/clearing the Back Up run the below command

php artisan backup:clean

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