Adding External Plugins from Clear

To use plugins used in clear follow the below steps.

Install Plugins

Run bower install

Note: We have provided the bower.json from clear with all the plugins. After running bower install all plugins will be installed. If you don't need any plugin then remove it from bower.json

Check if the packages are downloaded to resources/assets/vendors directory

Copying assets to public

  • In webpack.mix.js use mix.copy to copy the plugins you needed to public directory.

    First copy the vendor direcory path in the paths object

var paths = {
    'select2': vendors + 'select2/dist/',
    'select2BootstrapTheme': vendors + 'select2-bootstrap-theme/dist/'
  • you can copy the path and the mix.copy from clear's gulpfile.js
mix.copy(paths.select2 + 'css/select2.min.css', destVendors + 'select2/css');

Also copy the necessary css files to resources/assets/css directory and js files to resources/assets/js/pagesdirectory.

  • then run npm run dev to copy the plugin to the public/vendors directoy.

For you to get started we have added a page for select2 and added it to the webpack.mix.js

Usage of Plugins

Use the links, HTML, CSS and js from clear HTML version in your view to get the desired plugin or widget.

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